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A refreshing approach

I've always enjoyed being in the kitchen and experimenting with food. I love trying new combinations of flavours, textures, ingrediants and styles of cooking.


Feeling confident with your cooking skills is the one thing that many of us find the most difficult aspect to overcome, when thinking about inviting people over for dinner. 

The fear of making a mess of it all and finding yourself in awkward situation with hungry guests – is a terrifying prospect.

Tracy Burke
Fun with Food

Piece of Cake

Many people would ask me ..."How do you do it Tracey?".
And unfairly I often think – well really it's a 'piece of cake' .... once you know a few tips on how to pull it all together.


A recent purchase of the amazing Thermomix food preparation appliance, which helps automate the preparation and cooking process of many dishes by telling you what to add and when from its comprehensive screen display menu, become the catalyst and inspiration to begin my business 'Piece of Cake'.


A business focussing on helping and encouraging people to re-ignite their interest in cooking and healthy eating by sharing my knowledge and experience through articles, recipes and regular cooking demonstrations in my kitchen to explain how to cook and create healthy, tasty, nutritional 
meals – simply.


I would love to show you how. My aim is to run regular cooking demonstration nights of up to 6 people in my cosy intimate kitchen. In a relaxed atmosphere, I hope you will all enjoy yourselves have a laugh and hopefully come away feeling a bit more confident and enthusiastic about cooking.


Look at my events section to see what I'm planning and you can book and pay online.


I'm so looking forward to meeting all of you.

Fresh Ingredients – Fresh Flavour

“One of the most enjoyable
demonstrations I've ever been to.

Tracy made it so much fun.

Annie-Wairapara's a piece of cake!

I'll show you how...