12 kitchen appliances in one incredible compact unit. A premium kitchen appliance that will change the way you cook forever. Thermomix ® provides you with healthy, easy cooking – giving perfect results  – every single time.  

All the information, recipes and instructions on what to do is displayed on the digital screen.

Interchangeable disks each contain hundreds of recipes in a range of cooking styles



Grinding, Chopping, Mixing, Kneading, Stirring, Whisking, Blending, Steaming, Cooking, Weighing, Controlled Heating and Emulsifying.

Thanks to four cooking levels and it’s intuitive design, Thermomix® can cook a complete, healthy meal in just 30 minutes. Add your ingredients, set the time, temperature and speed and let Thermomix® do the rest for you. 12 appliances combined into one amazing machine makes the possibilities endless with Thermomix®.

For over 40 years this has been the professional chef's secret weapon - Thermomix. Built to last a lifetime this machine does an astonishing amount of things.


You can create hundreds of meals simply by choosing from the recipe menu loaded on each machine and following the instructions. The machine will tell you what to add and when to add it. It even weighs the ingredients for you as you add them. 


We love this machine and as we are an accredited Thermomix agent we can show you not only how to get the best out of it but you can purchase one directly from us at an attractive price.


Call or email Tracy to book in a demonstration. When you see it in action you'll be hooked!


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