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Now 3 Delicious Artisan Products

Piece of Cake is very excited to announce the addition of ...

Delicious Nut and Seed Crackers.These crackers are totally delicious and are made with JUST nuts and seeds. The addition of some subtle spice and seasoning makes these the tastiest low carb cracker to hold any topping. Grain, Egg, Dairy, Sugar, free, these crackers also have no gluten, (but are made in a kitchen where gluten is used)

Why not give them a try. $11.00 Pkt (100gms)

Have you tried the Chilli and Beer Peanut Brittle yet?

This moreish delight is a delicious snack, weather you are on the go, or just sitting down to a nice platter, and a cold one. Chilli and Beer Peanut Brittle will fit in perfectly. With both sweet and salty notes and a subtle hint of chilli, all wrapped around delicious Australian peanuts. If you haven't tried it yet, why not give it a go. Also a great addition to a gift or a treat for a friend. $7.50 Pkt (150gms)

And last but not least we have the Vegan Meringues.

These egg free meringues taste and look just like the real thing. They are a great treat for those that cannot eat egg, either due to allergies or diet choice. A lovely light sweet addition to a dessert, add some fruit or the cream of your choice. $9.95 pkt ( x 24 pieces)

If you would like to try one or all of my products please go to the buy on line section and select your goodies, or try the lot. The tasting set of all 3 products makes a great gift for those that are hard to buy for or like delicious things. Why not add a cheese and bottle of wine, and there you have it.

Please enjoy my products and have a great day


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